Vow Renewals

Celebrating a special anniversary ?Vow Renewals - New Jersey - Costello Weddings

Or maybe you had a quick and quiet wedding and now you want to have your friends and family included.



A Vow Renewal is the perfect, most romantic way to celebrate!

We would love to celebrate that special day with you in our lovely gardens!

And since we’re so close to Atlantic City and other beaches, some couples come here to renew their vows privately, while on their way for a quiet weekend away.

Don’t forget the rings!

Anniversary rings tell your love that you’d do it all over again. We have special ceremonies for exchanging new rings to celebrate a new beginning to your future together.

OR … perhaps you had your original rings cleaned and now you are continuing your journey together and celebrating the past by once again, placing it on your beloved’s finger.

But, one more way to celebrate is to take hands, touching each other’s original wedding rings, symbolically giving to each other once again.

 Have a Once Upon A Time Gardens vow renewal!

Weekday Private Vow Renewal, $100

  • Monday thru Friday, 10am to 4pm for just the two of you!
  • Garden or Parlor ceremony
  • 15 minutes for photos
  • Unique display certificate

 FriendSally Bill - Vow Renewals - New Jersey - Costello Weddingss and Family Celebration Vow Renewal, $250

  • Any day of the week, 10am to *7pm
  • Up to 20 guests
  • Garden or Parlor ceremony
  • 1 hour for photos
  • Your choice of a special and unique display certificate

Vow Renewals - New Jersey - Costello WeddingsSpecial Vow Renewal Celebration,  $350

  •  Any day of the week, 10am to *7pm
  • Garden or Parlor ceremony or your chosen venue
  • Unlimited guests (less than 30 for in the parlor)
  • 1 hour for photos
  • Your choice of a special and unique display certificate


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